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Apple "During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Apple climbed back to profitability and fame. Apple's colorful computers put them back into the spotlight, and the iPod diversified Apple's business successfully, bringing the Apple name to music." Jobs about the Cube, introduced in that timespan: "The G4 Cube is simply the coolest computer ever. An entirely new class of computer, it marries the Pentium crushing performance of the Power Mac G4 with the miniaturization, silent operation, and elegant desktop design of the iMac." I definitely agree. Best-looking computer ever made. I want one.
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Cube should be brought back
by alwayscrashing on Mon 16th Oct 2006 20:34 UTC
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If Apple released a new Cube with the specs of an iMac Core 2 Duo it would be my next computer. The mini's specs just don't cut it for me and a Pro is just overkill.

Definitely the best designed computer I've seen.

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