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OS/2 and eComStation The new issue of the OS2eCS 'ezine' (a fancy web 2.0-like word for a magazine on the internet) has been published. "The WorkPlace Shell, A Powerful Jewel of OS/2 and eComStation" and "Setting up a TCPIP Network Printer on eComStation" are just two of the articles in this issue.
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by Lupicite on Mon 16th Oct 2006 20:38 UTC
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The term "ezine" is not a fancy web 2.0-like word. It almost predates web 1.0. The term has been in use for over a decade to denote an electronic magazine. You can even see it was added to Foldoc back in 1996.

If I remember correctly, it was used on BBS's prior to the internet, though in very limited use.

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