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Privacy, Security, Encryption Softpedia posted today a small review of three anti-virus software that are free to use, complete with screenshots. Consider using Microsoft's or Adaware's anti-spyware utilities too to keep your XP healthy.
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by Gone fishing on Tue 17th Oct 2006 07:41 UTC
Gone fishing
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Sorry but I don't buy the I'm and ubergeek and don't need an AV AVs are useless. I can see that if you always keep your PC fully patched (not always possible) and don't open attachments etc. and don't go on the internet especially with IE you should be safe, but what kind of PC experience are you having? and what about that .doc attachment from work you were expecting (yeah I know they should have sent it as a .pdf, .rtf etc.) Anyway if you're an ubergeek why are you using Windows anyway?

Using the sex analogy (I'm living in Africa) if you regularly have sex with the local professionals you will get HIV, if you use a condom you will be a lot safer how do you know your safe? well you don't, in fact your not, but the odd stupid, beer induced, event you will probably survive. Choose you partner carefully, use a condom, you'd be unlucky to get infected. Well an AVs similar, open every attachment, visit every dodgy site, install every cool thing, and you will be infected, do this with an updated AV and you will be safer, use a modicum if intelligence and an updated AV and you should be OK.

For non-ubergeeks I'd say an AV is essential personally I'd go for Avast, with auto updates turned on, works in the background keeps itself updated, will probably keep your, uncle, dad etc. safe or you could install Ubuntu etc.

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