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Privacy, Security, Encryption Softpedia posted today a small review of three anti-virus software that are free to use, complete with screenshots. Consider using Microsoft's or Adaware's anti-spyware utilities too to keep your XP healthy.
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You're forgetting that some of us have been in this game a very long time and we actually, genuinely and 'provably' do know our processes.

I keep my XP installation trimmed down and I do know exactly what is running. This may be difficult for you to comprehend, but that might be because you're an average IT professional.

I keep up to date with all the latest wild viruses, and I read up on them so I can spot infection quickly.

Like I said, you need to take a look at your 'IT professional' status and realise that if this is as alien to you as you make out, you're a very average one. I think the problem here is that a lot of people here on OSNews are a full level or two above you in terms of knowledge, and you fail to realise this.

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