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Window Managers The Enlightenment team has released, and as usual, this is mainly a bugfix and maintenance release. You can grab the release from the Sourceforge page.
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RE[3]: That is good and all
by B. Janssen on Tue 17th Oct 2006 14:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: That is good and all"
B. Janssen
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HiThere: Yeah, that is because it isn't finished yet.
It will have icons on the desktop, a way of managing files etc. Currently work is being done on the 'file dialog' if i remember correctly. They are making it so that it will be reusable later for file management (icon & thumbmail view).

I find it a bit sad that they dont have a larger developer base. For i find the vision and developing attitude really great. No rush to display foo art if it isn't done correctly. If something needs to be rewritten because it can be done better, so be it.
Kudos to the E team ;)

E17 is working nicely, but to be honest, it's much too much "bling bling" for my taste. I wouldn't run it on a production desktop. Otherwise, i'm all for people coding what they enjoy.

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