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Features, Office The KOffice team is proud to announce the 1.6.0 release of its office suite. This release is mostly a feature release of Krita and Kexi, but also contains major enhancements to the OpenDocument and MathML support of KFormula and new scripting functionality. This version also contains a vastly improved version of KPlato, our project planning application.
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RE[2]: Krita
by boudewijn on Tue 17th Oct 2006 22:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Krita"
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People regularly ask about that issue (I should add it to the faq, maybe) -- but the thing is, being part of KOffice frees me, as a Krita hacker, of a lot of work. I don't have to do window handling, file loading & saving, import/export filter architecture and so on. And with 2.0, our text tool will be provided by KWord, we'll have nearly automatic integration with Karbon.

The thing is this: KOffice is a suite for both sides of your brain. Analytic and creative. Content and presentation. Words, numbers and images.

That's how I want it to be -- and that's how we're going to make it.

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