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OSNews, Generic OSes "When it comes to computers, the average person usually believes that 'newer is better'. After all, you can get more memory, a faster processor, and a larger hard disk, merely by waiting a few months. Old hardware is usually shunned as being of little value. In contrast, the elementary education sector has consistently found traditional educational methods to be superior to the newest, latest, and greatest methods. Some of the most knowledgeable and capable children are produced by the schools that use seemingly antiquated techniques. So what happens when the world of technology collides with the world of education? Why, the Commodore 64 makes a comeback!"
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Are you trying to say that he was doing something wrong? Did you even read the link that you posted? Besides, it's not as though he was shoving it down their throats. My school experience hasn't been anything like what you've suggested, and it seems like you're just regurgitating somebody else's false claims.

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