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Graphics, User Interfaces "Pixel (formerly Pixel32) is an image editing program, similar to Photoshop or Gimp, that runs on a large variety of platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Zeta, OS X, SkyOS and more. In an 8 year period, it has grown to become a very pleasant-looking and usefull application. Unlike Gimp, it has support for CMYK and uses its own GUI toolkit called eLiquid. Pixel can work with PSD files and work is being done to improve this feature. Pavel agreed to answer some of our questions regarding Pixel."
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No R5 support
by testadura on Wed 18th Oct 2006 12:13 UTC
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I think it's a pity Pixel isn't available on Beos R5. It exists for Zeta, so I don't see any reason for NOT releasing an R5 version. Otherwise I would have bought it a long time ago.... In my opninion this is the only drawback of this app not being open source. I like open source, but I understand that some people want to get paid for their effort.

Lots of people think that everything should be open sourced.... I don't see why! Should all software be free? And how should developers earn their money? Must we all be making dull & uninteresting struts web applications for large enterprises? Like I am ;)

If an R5 version existed I would immediatly buy it... It's cheap!

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