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RISC OS "A fortnight after announcing plans to share the RISC OS 5 source code, developers Castle have slapped a 69 quid price tag on their latest OS upgrade. The news has lead to some confusion over the future direction of the operating system, and fuelled concern that crucial components of RISC OS 5 will remain closed source as chargeable updates."
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what's confusing about that?
by kamil_chatrnuch on Wed 18th Oct 2006 12:18 UTC
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sorry, but i personally don't see any problem here.

they're a commercial company, they live from that money. i don't know if support is included in that price, but i would imagine so. therefore i don't see a conflict between selling software for money in shops [and/or combined with support], while still offering it free from a web site.

just my 2 euro-cents ;)

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