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Linux "Frugalware is an independent GNU/Linux distribution similar to Slackware, aiming at simplicity, speed and multimedia support. It features a wide software repository, managed by Pacman from Archlinux, which resolves dependencies and makes system updates easy. I'm going to walk you through the process of installing and configuring the latest version (0.5) of this outstanding OS."
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Great start, not quite ready yet.
by B. Janssen on Wed 18th Oct 2006 17:44 UTC
B. Janssen
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I largely agree with the review, FW 0.5 is a promising distribution. But it is not yet ready for prime time. I for one found the package management to be rough (as compared to Debian) and the network configuration is not up to snuff for mobile computing. Switching between different networks was not hassle-free.
OTOH, FW 0.5 allows easy access to a lot of *bling, bling* like XGL/Compiz with just one simple shell command and takes a lot of multimedia worries of the shoulders of the users. DVD playback, Win32 codecs, Flash, Java, all work out of the box. If you think this is good or bad is another issue.
One more thing, if you are going to try FW, download the complete set of CDs or the DVD, netinstall was not working properly.

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