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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems engineers have begun designing Niagara 3, a second sequel to the company's ambitious lower-end processor. John Fowler, executive vice president of Sun's server division, confirmed the development in an interview Tuesday and suggested it will continue Sun's push to squeeze more processing cores onto the chip. This new member of the Sparc family will be built using a manufacturing process with 45-nanometer circuitry elements, he said.
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by lfeagan on Thu 19th Oct 2006 03:26 UTC in reply to "yeah..."
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Someone could buy SUNW. Market cap of 18.25b. HPQ has 16.0b in cash. If SUNW slipped a bit in valuation and HPQ bulked up some more cash, it could be theirs if they really wanted it. I admit this is a bit (though not entirely) far fetched. I adore Sun and worked on CPU research and design for two years for them so I am certainly glad to see them succeed. Slighly related tidbit, it still cracks me up that AAPL has a larger market cap than DELL.

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