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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The sixth development release of the OpenSolaris-based, desktop-oriented Nexenta OS has been released: "Nexenta OS Alpha 6 is now available. Release Highlights: Nexenta Zones - opens the possibility to create custom zones and pre-install with selected software; integrated BrandZ - allows running Linux userland; SVR4 packaging - to install native Solaris packages (missing drivers, etc.); OpenSolaris build 50, with numerous kernel fixes and features."
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RE: My take (warning: long post)
by erast on Thu 19th Oct 2006 00:47 UTC in reply to "My take (warning: long post)"
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> You think having a stable will encourage more vendors
> to create drivers for it? Better think again. Writing
> drivers is difficult on any platform. Vendors clearly
> wont divert resources into this unless there is enough
> demand. Period.

NexentaOS using OpenSolaris core which is literally a core for Solaris and other OpenSolaris-based distributions. This means, any driver written for Solaris/OpenSolaris will happily work for NexentaOS.

> But I think the NexentaOS folks exaggerate to much
> about their technology being superior to Linux when
> it clearly is not true.

I don't think so. Linux needs major surgery and a lot of efforts before it will reach OpenSolaris design wise. While OpenSolaris needs to close the gap on Desktop and missing drivers, which is way easier goal to achive.

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