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Windows "It's unusual for a Beta 1 version of Windows to have both the final shipping name of the product and as many new features as this build shows. And that's a strong sign of two things. Firstly: Windows Vista remains an ambitious release of Windows, despite some of the features that Microsoft has pushed off the side of the boat. Secondly: Microsoft is trying to get serious, both internally and externally, about this development program. Windows Vista is now the company's top priority." Read on, ten pages, here.
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I know, and I never said otherwise, that those paths are not hard coded, thank you.

But you can say what you want. It is a reality today, that a lot of programs will install in different places because of this. Sure, the application is responsible for where it installs itself. I didn't say MS was.

What I said is just that there's more posibilities for applications to do it wrong. And that it would be appreciated if they wouldn't change those names so often.

If you have any more problems comprehending what you read, do not hesitate to ask.

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