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Internet Explorer Microsoft will release the final build of IE7 today to customers. IE7 will be made available via Automatic Updates on the 1st of November. At the moment there is no link on, but Yahoo has the final build bundled with Yahoo Mail. FlexBeta is currently hosting Internet Explorer 7 Final without the need of downloading Yahoo Mail. My take: Read about my thoughts on IE7's new interface on my blog.
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Easy Fix
by OSGuy on Thu 19th Oct 2006 07:03 UTC
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I don't use FF nor I use Opera. Personally, I am very disappointed with IE7 in terms of the GUI. I hate the fact that the menu bar stays below the toolbar. I think it sucks. I agree with many of the complaints listed on the blog BUT that's why you have front ends.

Just use Maxthon or AvantBrowser and most of the issues are solved listed on the blog. You get the security of IE7 with standard menu bars and toolbars + skinnable interface and a way better tab browsing, super drag and drop etc....

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