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Internet Explorer Microsoft will release the final build of IE7 today to customers. IE7 will be made available via Automatic Updates on the 1st of November. At the moment there is no link on, but Yahoo has the final build bundled with Yahoo Mail. FlexBeta is currently hosting Internet Explorer 7 Final without the need of downloading Yahoo Mail. My take: Read about my thoughts on IE7's new interface on my blog.
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Testing MSWIE7, Firefox2 RC3 & Opera9
by Jack Matier on Thu 19th Oct 2006 08:08 UTC
Jack Matier
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In each browser I cleared everything I could and loaded several sites and blank tabs without minimizing the browsers.

The websites loaded were:
- (signed into gmail)
- 3 blank tabs.

The results were.
FIREFOX.EXE - 97,504 K
IEXPLORE.EXE - 134,776 K
Opera.exe - 36,904 K

However, when I minimize, IE7's process IEXPLORE.EXE drops amazingly down to 18,112K and Opera's Opera.exe process drops to 6,044K. The only reason FIREFOX.EXE does this (and actually drops down to 7,732) is because I set a configuration in the about:config called config.trim_on_minimize (which I set to true).

So why is it that there is no config.trim_on_minimize set to true as a default for the win32 port of firefox? It would seem to be buggy right now (see link below).. I really hope they can fix this in Firefox 3.

The speed for opening new tabs are quickest in Opera and Firefox and I noticed a small stall in MSWIE7.

I was wanting to do some rendering tests but decided not to as I have no well enough means of testing accurately.

MSWIE7 does fix some glaring issues as pointed out by position is everything, and so far there has been no 0 day exploit of the browser so all is seeming good in that corner. I'm just wondering how fast their rendering speed is going to be when/if they happen to support 90% of what other browsers support as apposed to the roughly 60%?

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