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Graphics, User Interfaces Adobe has released a beta for Flash Player 9 for Linux. "While we are still working out exactly how to distribute the final Player version to be as easy as possible for the typical end user, this beta includes 2 gzip'd tarball packages: one is for the Mozilla plugin and the other is for a GTK-based Standalone Flash Player. Either will need to be downloaded manually via the Adobe Labs website and unpacked."
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RE: Still a lot of work to do
by subterrific on Thu 19th Oct 2006 18:10 UTC in reply to "Still a lot of work to do"
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No mouse scrolling and no keyboard shortcuts aren't bugs unfortunately. Flash allows developers to override these, so it is a feature. It sucks, I know.

They didn't link their binary against either libssl or libasound. The libraries are dynamically loaded so they don't break because of the reasons listed. So that actually isn't a problem at all.

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