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Graphics, User Interfaces Adobe has released a beta for Flash Player 9 for Linux. "While we are still working out exactly how to distribute the final Player version to be as easy as possible for the typical end user, this beta includes 2 gzip'd tarball packages: one is for the Mozilla plugin and the other is for a GTK-based Standalone Flash Player. Either will need to be downloaded manually via the Adobe Labs website and unpacked."
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Barrier free web?
by Doc Pain on Thu 19th Oct 2006 19:39 UTC
Doc Pain
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The use of Flash in web contents makes it hard (or impossible) for blind people to have a look on such pages. If there's no "no flash version", they'll see nothing. Just load a web page into lynx and see, what a blind person would see.

There also are free vector based formats and formats that are capable of animations. Often I ask myself: What do you need Flash for? Couldn't you implement something with standard tools?

Remember, script kiddies: Flash is no replacement for HTML. :-)

I'm sad the plugin isn't free and therefore cannot be included automatically in Linux and BSD distributions. Am I right here?

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