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Microsoft For more than two decades, Microsoft's software and Intel's processors were so wedded that the pairing came to be known as Wintel. But as that computing era wanes, Microsoft is turning to a new source of chip design: its own labs.
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RE: oh the nightmare
by brewmastre on Fri 20th Oct 2006 12:13 UTC in reply to "oh the nightmare"
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First let me start off by saying that I am a Mac Zealot ;) That aside. I think it would be great to see Windows running on custom hardware. Finally MS would have some control over what people are putting their OS on. I'm not a control freak by any means, but I do think that control over such things is important. Windows is, as you put it, "unstable, buggy, bloated, virus ridden mess" , and this could finally be their chance to fix that. All other OS's pale in comparison to Windows when it come to hardware support, yes I know Linux and NetBSD will run on toasters, but I mean true hardware support, peripherals and all. Because of this I think they are constantly trying to keep everything running happy no matter what HW you throw at it and it ends up resulting in an OS that is a piecemealed pile of junk. If they only have a few varieties of hardware to worry about, maybe that can focus on the things that actually matter: Stability, security, cutting edge features, the user, etc.

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