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Microsoft For more than two decades, Microsoft's software and Intel's processors were so wedded that the pairing came to be known as Wintel. But as that computing era wanes, Microsoft is turning to a new source of chip design: its own labs.
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by Hands on Fri 20th Oct 2006 16:01 UTC
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“Voice is big,” Mr. Thacker said. “You can throw as much technology at it as you want to.”

I read this as an implication that they are planning on creating some very specialized hardware. I think that is the same direction that the rest of the industry is moving in, but coming from MS I'm not sure how it all might pan out.

By doing this, MS could give governments (even the U.S.) ever more reasons to think of them as a monopoly that should be regulated or possibly broken up. If this were being done by a pre-convicted-monopolistic MS, I would assume that they even intended to make their hardware very unfriendly to any software that wasn't blessed by MS. With the more cautious MS of today, I think it's anyone's guess what they might try with in-house developed hardware.

I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist. This just seems like something of a mine field that MS is stepping into considering both their past and present.

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