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General Development Who wants to be a programmer? Microsoft is hoping everyday folks will take the challenge by using its non-professional programming tools, and other vendors are following suit. Microsoft is poised to tap the nascent market for development tools to enable non-professionals to create applications, having established a team specifically built for this push and planning several initiatives, including a new Web site strictly for beginners.
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RE: The goal...
by Flatland_Spider on Fri 20th Oct 2006 18:28 UTC in reply to "The goal..."
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So are you talking about an erector set programming languages where the end user doesn't really program, but rather just moves pre-built blocks of code around?

Make it like visio where an icon represents a class and the user connects the blocks together by drawing a line. The user would only be able to connect one block to another if the other block had the connectors.

Actually that's not a bad idea.

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