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General Development Who wants to be a programmer? Microsoft is hoping everyday folks will take the challenge by using its non-professional programming tools, and other vendors are following suit. Microsoft is poised to tap the nascent market for development tools to enable non-professionals to create applications, having established a team specifically built for this push and planning several initiatives, including a new Web site strictly for beginners.
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Re:Why, oh, why?
by DFergATL on Fri 20th Oct 2006 21:00 UTC
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Maybe for people like me. Who do undertand PC's but haven't had the money to go to college and do it the "professional way." I love to play around with VB, just scratched the surface of C# ( I really like C# ). I would love to be able to learn more but have to do it at my own pace, on my own time. A site dedicated to this, with someone like me in mind. Sounds great to me. I will never write anything "commercial" or even shareware. But, thats ok with me. If I could just to the point where I am confortable writing some small things for myself. That would be very nice.

But, your attitude doesn't surprise me, not in the least. Some people just don't want to others to play in their sandbox.

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