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Debian and its clones Steve McIntyre visited the LiMux team in Munich and has posted a small report about the visit on his blog. LiMux is the specially tailored Debian distribution City of Munich deploys. "I'd like to talk some more about LiMux, the project being run within the City of Munich to replace all of their desktop Windows systems with Linux. They gave us a demonstration and answered lots of our questions."
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RE: A pity
by desNotes on Sun 22nd Oct 2006 01:18 UTC in reply to "A pity"
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After reading the two articles Notparker linked, I can see why the city of Munich went with Linux over Microsoft. As was pointed out, it may be paying more initially, but over the long run they expect to be paying less and will be able to configure the desktops the way they are needed, not the way Microsoft specifies.

I have worked for several companies, both as an IT employee and not, and for the most part every Windows installation for non-programmers was set up the same. Not all of the MS Office applications were utilized by each person but they were still paid for and installed.

The city of Munich is setting a precedent which the IT world will be watching. Desktop configuration, OS updates, support, training, etc. will all be interesting to see in the coming months and years.

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