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Apple "Apple's recent quarterly earnings report blew past all expectations. More importantly, dramatic unit sales growth shows the company is executing a working strategy for building the Mac platform. That raises the obvious question: why has Apple's market share historically been so low, and why did Apple fail to make any progress in the 1990's? Here's a look at why Apple's platform fell into crisis, and why the solutions prescribed by analysts didn't work."
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RE[3]: Beating a dead horse
by Doc Pain on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 01:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Beating a dead horse"
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The PC succeeded because a heck of a lot of people (consumers, software vendors and hardware) could do with it what they wanted - the PC market grew around Apple.

The success of the PC - the x86 PC for precision - is to led back to the fact thatt (a) it had a serial port RS-232 and (b) it was cheap. This made it interesing for the industry. Consumers were initially not the target group. Apple could (or wanted) not offer this. Quality had precedence over cheapness.

Just compare it to mobile telephones: The initial target group were managers etc. who had to be reachable out of their offices. Now, children and teenagers are the target group - those who "carry the business".

You can even assume this in Apple vs. PC.

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