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Windows Among the few things I'm proud of in my life, not having had contact with Windows when I first "met" a computer is somewhere around the top. Indeed, the first computer I used ran Unix, and I have been using Unices myself for some time.
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Then came the problem of the interface. I'm used to having the Minimize button in the upper left part of my Windows. I simply don't care that Microsoft's UI experts believe most users would prefer it the way it is now, I want to move it, which I can do in just about any X11 window manager, and, as far as I can remember, even on AmigaOS or OS X, with third party tools. I couldn't find a similar option on Windows.
I want the X to be at the top right corner of the screen when the window is maximized. ( )
Now I've tried quite a few window managers (at least 11 that I can remember right now) but NONE of them has this FUNDAMENTAL feature. I don't care if some Linux UI "experts" never closes their windows, but I want to be able to close mine.

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