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Benchmarks "A lot of people has been asking me about some performance comparison for the vector graphics framework we have. Rendering polygons, especially when we're dealing with stroke, tends to be the most expensive rendering operation performed in vector graphics. I constructed a little test, which tests raw polygon rendering power of Qt and Cairo. For the test I used the latest Qt main branch, and the master branch from Cairo's Git repository."
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by miro on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 19:07 UTC
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Quote: "The reason for Cairo with Glitz backend yielding the same results as Cairo with XRender backend is that polygon rendering in both of those goes through the same client-side steps all the way until the final blit and it's not the blit but the tessellation and rasterization that are the bottlenecks..."
So it seems to me that the API is not *that* polished
if operations cannot be pushed to hardware...

Those of you saying cairo is to new and not polished, how comes that it is already used by gnome/firefox, while Qt version is still under development?

And for the quality concerns see the article cairo *fails* the last test (which is granted a rather abstract example).

Let me say credit where credit is due! Good work trolls:)

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