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Benchmarks "A lot of people has been asking me about some performance comparison for the vector graphics framework we have. Rendering polygons, especially when we're dealing with stroke, tends to be the most expensive rendering operation performed in vector graphics. I constructed a little test, which tests raw polygon rendering power of Qt and Cairo. For the test I used the latest Qt main branch, and the master branch from Cairo's Git repository."
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Stencil Buffer
by Skavenger on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 20:22 UTC
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Ok, now we know that the tasselization task is slower than the stencil-buffer based tecniques, to draw a polygon... For my part it's a pretty obvious thing.
In the real world i see a lot of vector graphic applications that makes a huge usage of svg icons, gis maps, fonts and a lot of gfx (also animated throught the classic 2d transformation matrixes) that don't need to be re-tesselated every frame; in this common practical case, the stencil-buffer brute force approach is worst than the triangles caching approach.
Another last thing, the Stencil buffer is a luxus on some Opengl(ES) mobiles chips... i know, Qt targets only desktops, but Qtopia? ;)

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