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Privacy, Security, Encryption "The security industry and trade press have directed a lot of attention toward the 'Zero-day attack', promoting it as THE threat to guard against. According to the marketing hype, the Zero-Day attack is the one that you should most fear, so you must put in place measures to defend your organization from it. The Zero-Day threat is born the moment a vulnerability is publicly announced or acknowledged. But what about the period of time that the threat existed before being announced. At StillSecure we call this class 'Less-Than-Zero' threat. In this two-part series I'll examine this Less-Than-Zero threat, compare it to the Zero-Day threat, and discuss ways to protect yourself from Less-Than-Zero attacks and vulnerabilities for which patches, signatures, etc., do not yet exist."
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by miro on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 21:28 UTC
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