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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Foundation has released version 2.0 of their Firefox webbrowser to their ftp site. The release notes are not yet updated, so you'll have to do with the release notes for the third release candidate, which will probably not differ all that much from the final notes.
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RE[3]: Mod system failure
by umccullough on Tue 24th Oct 2006 00:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Mod system failure"
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Mod points are NOT a way for people to criticise others.

If look at the mod-down thing there is a line for "I disagree with this persons opinion" and if you choose that as the reason to mod down a comment, it DOESN'T mod down the comment.

Whether you think they are or not, they will be "abused" in this way - the only way to prevent that is to have uber-moderators continually tracking who is modding down others and restricting their mod points accordingly... until that happens, get over it.

I'd guess given your other comments here that you're only including those who are not singing from the Firefox book.

Heh, seriously - do you consider the one-line firefox-bashing posts to be worth reading? Do they seriously provide you with the level of entertainment and fulfillment you require when reading a firefox-related article?

I have seen posts of mine be mod'd up to 4 or 5, and then back down to 1 or 2 quite a few times. Do I come back and whine about it?

I may be pro-firefox, but I am certainly not one of the people YOU are complaining about so please look elsewhere.

Edit: Also consult rule #12:

12. Do not use the comments as a platform to discuss OSNews' moderation or editorial policy. If you want to complain about your comment being modded down or you want to accuse OSNews of censorship (yet again) please do so in an email. We're actually eager to discuss our thinking with readers, and will almost always reply right away to emails on that subject.

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