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Windows Among the few things I'm proud of in my life, not having had contact with Windows when I first "met" a computer is somewhere around the top. Indeed, the first computer I used ran Unix, and I have been using Unices myself for some time.
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Good and bad point for windows
by dvhh on Tue 24th Oct 2006 10:49 UTC
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As sa long time windows user I admit my point can be biased, but as a desktop OS windows XP is a fairly bloated OS, luna desktop theme is ugly, tons of useless services, tons of useless new API.

But the keyword is backward compatibility, win32 programs mostly work the same way since windows 3.1, this require far less work when updating a program, and you can even with some efforts runs DOS program with windows XP. this may seem quite stupid as you don't want anymore to run Apple II programs on your shiny new Mac OSX, but most compagny have been slow at upgrading "mission critical" software, while hardware were much easier to replace.
But with windows you are mostly sure that old software would work on today OS ( not without pain though ), such things is less common with Mac OS as most of API were broken when updating OS9 to OSX (Mac OS classic emulator disapeared with 10.4 ).

The Other Thing that come to mind when thinking to windows is hardware profusion, of course it induce confusion too. But as a closed source widespread desktop system, vendors happily provide drivers, for the better or the worse ( raid drivers are not quite common for mac OSX). Plus Low level Kernel API stability (since windows NT4 )has helped a lot for develloping drivers.

However since NT3.51 windows NT OSes have growed around the NT codebase, bringing more and more "feature" even if XP is in some task fastier than NT4 for example, it introduce itself some bloat.

Even if the author miss some point about windows, he is right about the right tool for the right job, however as windows being widespread as a desktop OS it is a target of choice for malware, and virus aren't as most people think the mostly common malware as today (think of zombies for botnet), that are not new with nix like OSes (good zombies aren't very visible, think rootkit ;) ), but as there is more and more bandwith available, widespread desktop os are a good target for trojan (good administrator don't look into them too often, and bad admin leave admin right to there users wich give most of the security problem).

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