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Linspire In the midst of the busy semester here at school, my fiancee's laptop, running Windows XP SP2, picked up some friends - adware, trojans, etc. It was a pretty nasty sight. I worked on it for at least two hours every couple of days, wiping it clean, doing my best to lock it down, and so on. Avast! and Ad-Aware had their limits it seemed, for only a day or so after I cleaned it, pop-ups and weird stuff would show up again. She was getting sick of it. I was getting sick of cleaning it, so I suggested, offhand, installing a different operating system that is a bit more impervious to those nasties. To my surprise, she agreed.
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Article is hilarious
by twenex on Tue 24th Oct 2006 14:31 UTC
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What are the chances that after trying a Linux distro, a Windows user would just go and "slap in a Mac"? I can't speak for the States, but over here I can get a name-brand PC laptop with a 15.4" screen for 700 (about $1400); the cheapest Mac with a 15.4" screen is about twice the price. Actually, no, the Mac price is from this month - the PC price was from last year. So a Windows user who completely fails to install Linux is most likely just to go back to Windows, warts and all.

So maybe the distro was at fault. Because the kernel can so extensively modified, "Linux hardware support" actually turns out to be widely variable among distros.

Or maybe the user was at fault. Supposedly "korean language support" is a "Linux-wide problem," but that's looking at Linux from a Windows user's perspective. If you look at Windows from a Linux user's perspective, application and driver installation (to say nothing of stability, flexibility, or security) are "a Windows-wide problem", (in the sense that they haven't been corrected to Linux users' satisfaction in the 16 years Linux and Windows have both been around).

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