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Windows "Yes, as a complete suprise it seems that Microsoft has released the final version of their long-time-in-the-making Anti-Spyware program, Windows Defender. The build is marked as 1.1.1592.0 and it seems it can be installed over previous versions (beta 2 that is; it cannot be installed over beta 1, previously known as Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta)."
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RE[2]: More bloatware
by Doc Pain on Tue 24th Oct 2006 14:49 UTC in reply to "RE: More bloatware"
Doc Pain
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No, this product is to attract all viruses and spy to it so Windows can be more clean.

Sorry, you're not right in here. The capabilities for spreading malware, for having automated advertising ans SPAM, for data espionage, for remote controlling etc. that are included in "Windows" attract the viruses, not the "Defender".

Probably this software has a way to separate all viruses from windows, makes itself sick but not windows, so it's more like a qurantine software.

That's right, but it will take time, in fact, very much time. It costs MICROS~1 time and money to include the gained knowledge about different viruses, trojans, malware etc. in their product development. Just imagine how the amount of SPAM filling the Internet would decrease if "Outlook" wouldn't be that remote-controllabe.

BTW: "Windows" administration and the work to do the proper settings often can't be done by the average users. Proof: SPAM. Users simply say: "I don't care about security, I just go there and clickity-click." Products like "Defenter" will strengthen this mis-belief, I assume.

Time will tell if "Defender" can do good work in protecting other people on the Internet from beeing victims of data sabotation.

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