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Linspire In the midst of the busy semester here at school, my fiancee's laptop, running Windows XP SP2, picked up some friends - adware, trojans, etc. It was a pretty nasty sight. I worked on it for at least two hours every couple of days, wiping it clean, doing my best to lock it down, and so on. Avast! and Ad-Aware had their limits it seemed, for only a day or so after I cleaned it, pop-ups and weird stuff would show up again. She was getting sick of it. I was getting sick of cleaning it, so I suggested, offhand, installing a different operating system that is a bit more impervious to those nasties. To my surprise, she agreed.
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RE: Anyone remember?
by sbergman27 on Tue 24th Oct 2006 16:22 UTC in reply to "Anyone remember?"
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"""Is Linux 'ready for the desktop' or not? Freespire has long claimed that it was ready, so how is it the author's fault for giving it a test-drive?"""

Why didn't he just buy a copy of MacOS X and install it on the existing laptop? Because it wouldn't install at all? Is MacOS X ready for the desktop or not?

His final solution was to buy hardware designed for the OS running on it... as he could have done with Linspire/Freespire at *far* lower expense.

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