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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "When eWEEK Labs first reviewed Sun Microsystems' Solaris 10 early last year, we were impressed by the new facilities the operating system offered for better serving up applications and making the most of the SPARC and x86 hardware on which it runs. With this summer's Solaris 10 update, labeled 6/06, Sun has significantly improved on its already excellent operating system with the addition of the much-heralded Zettabyte File System."
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by poundsmack on Tue 24th Oct 2006 22:04 UTC
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to me it seems with solaris 10 sun has really made a lot of good decisions. the file system is good. the networking is good. usablility is good. and over all proformance is good. personaly i think the evolution of this operating system is really going quite smoothly. the only thing i wish they had done (and i know this will cause a little contiversy, but thats not my intent in posting it) would either be to have bought out troll tech to use QT and make a simple and farmiliar windows like interface insteat of using GTK. though useing GTK and gnome was good due to its vast amount of GTK based software it alowed to be run easily, on a level of what is probibly better technology i would have gone with QT myself... just my opinion

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