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Linspire In the midst of the busy semester here at school, my fiancee's laptop, running Windows XP SP2, picked up some friends - adware, trojans, etc. It was a pretty nasty sight. I worked on it for at least two hours every couple of days, wiping it clean, doing my best to lock it down, and so on. Avast! and Ad-Aware had their limits it seemed, for only a day or so after I cleaned it, pop-ups and weird stuff would show up again. She was getting sick of it. I was getting sick of cleaning it, so I suggested, offhand, installing a different operating system that is a bit more impervious to those nasties. To my surprise, she agreed.
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Thanks for all the comments.

I will definitely look forwarding to trying out FreeSpire 2.0 when it becomes available. I think FreeSpire has a lot of potential. Ubuntu still remains my favorite - it's just super easy to use.

All of the suggestions for Korean input managers are gratefully received. I will also check out Mandrake to see if it does indeed integrate well. The problem we had in Ubuntu was that most of it worked great with SCIM, but OpenOffice would not work. So, again, sort of a roadblock, although I have just been told that I might be able to get it to work with some more modification. I am looking forward to trying that out. I know when I did look up this problem, I believe at least a few posts about OpenOffice indicated that this was a bug with the current version.

I am a Mac user, so I definitely bring my own set of assumptions to computing. I like out of the box functionality, workflows that enable creativity, and 'sexiness'. Things should just work (as much as possible). I like OS X for all those reasons, but that doesn't mean I still don't enjoy Windows and Linux for their strengths. I did not force my fiancee to get a Mac - she paid for it. She also set it up herself, with a little instruction from me here and there. But almost immediately, she had built a webpage, without my help. She is having fun with her Mac.

I wrote the article in an attempt to frame discussion somewhat differently about operating systems. My fiancee liked FreeSpire and Ubuntu, but she could not afford to spend time waiting for me to figure out the bugs, searching forums, updating packages, and so on. Her Averatec is a fine computer, though underpowered, so the MacBook caught her fancy and so far, she's loving her Mac experience.


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