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Windows "Eventually, we're going to see Vista come out. Yes, I know, even at this late date, Vista is still getting unexpected delays - it was set to go to manufacturing Oct. 25, but it's not going to make it - but it is on its way. My question, though, is: What version will actually work for you come that day?"
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RE: After using Vista RC2.....
by plague on Wed 25th Oct 2006 00:14 UTC in reply to "After using Vista RC2....."
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In my opinion, XP is pretty much for Win2000 like ME is for Win98.
So calling Vista XP-ME sounds like putting two crap systems into a blender and then glue it together as one system. which is probably not that far from reality anyways..

Win2000 is by far the best OS microsoft has done, it's been downhill since that.
Infact, I'd go so far and say that Win2000 is the _only_ OS ms has done that I think was actually good enough.

and yet, here I am running crapware xp.
i'm not gonna go vista tho, noooooo way.

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