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RISC OS NetSurf users are reeling from HSBC's shock decision to suspend their accounts because their RISC OS computers are allegedly infected with spyware. The high street bank has confused the open source browser NetSurf with a strain of PC malware going by the same name, and has locked their customers out for security reasons, it is believed. Punters say they were forced to turn up at their local branch with photo ID and sign a form promising to use Microsoft Windows XP with anti-virus software installed before they could access their money again.
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what a joke ...
by gnemmi on Wed 25th Oct 2006 02:55 UTC
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Itīs incredible .. if you think it carefully, the problem doesnīt stop at their IT department it involves their legal department too ..

See .. criminal figures aside (and they are there ...), forcing you to consume another product in order to be able to get the benefits of the first product you payed for (let alone TWO other products like XP + AV) constitutes a violation of consumerīs rights ... at least in half of the civilized world ... and if it doesnīt ( and believe me: it should ) then itīs considered a monopolistic behavior in every single legislation that I know.

So there you go .. those poor people are letting their money be handled by a bank that not only has a crappy IT dep., it also has a joke of a legal department !

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