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Mac OS X "Apple computers have long been prized for being relatively virus-free. But as more people use Apple products, experts say the company is increasingly becoming a target for cyber pranksters and criminals writing viruses and other forms of malware. Oliver Friedrichs, director of security response at Symantec, a leading anti-virus software vendor, said 72 vulnerabilities were discovered in the Mac's OS X operating system in 2006, up from 19 in 2004." Please consider the source, though.
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nothing really to add
by REM2000 on Wed 25th Oct 2006 10:38 UTC
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symantec has been saying the same thing for year, the same old argument has been said for years.

"No one has created a virus for the mac because of it's small market share"

Office was a small market share compared with the number of windows installed pc's, but that didn't stop virus writers not taking advantage of it.

SQL server has had virus's written for it and that has a small market share.

The market share doesn't matter at all for virus creators, what virus created wouldn't want to be the sole creator of a market with no antivirus protection with millions of connected machines.

If it could be done by now it would have been. Now i like all operating systems windows etc.. but it's quite plain that unix and it's dervertives (Mac OSX and Linux) are secure by design, and it is this design which has kept the mass proliferation of viruses.

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