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Linux A few months ago we ran a poll about the most important non-free Linux apps. We had over 8,000 votes in that poll and we consider the results pretty interesting. Interesting enough to push Linux's market share if a distro capitalized on them?
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Already easy to install ...
by MacTO on Wed 25th Oct 2006 11:30 UTC
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I did a quick rundown of the list, and noticed that most of the applications on it are as easy to install in Linux as they are in Windows.

Besides, I suspect that most of those applications are on the list just to satisfy the inner geek in people. There are going to be relatively few people who care about VMware player, because there is very little that you can do with it without jumping through hoops anyway. I doubt that many people who use IE just because that is what Windows had to offer are going to care about the distinction between Firefox and Opera. Something similar can be said about the Acrobat Reader, albeit the familiarity of Adobe's name may comfort people. Does anyone outside of developers even use Java anymore? And, at least in some distributions, installing Flash is a question of clicking an icon in the web browser and following some instructions (which is similar to what you are suggesting anyway).

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