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Windows "Eventually, we're going to see Vista come out. Yes, I know, even at this late date, Vista is still getting unexpected delays - it was set to go to manufacturing Oct. 25, but it's not going to make it - but it is on its way. My question, though, is: What version will actually work for you come that day?"
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RE: Mod System Failure
by Aussie_Bear on Wed 25th Oct 2006 11:56 UTC in reply to "Mod System Failure"
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CuriosityKills says: at least Microsoft listens to customers...

When was the last time MS actually listened?

They use the "guilty until proven innocent" approach to anti-piracy...What we all know as WGA. Has it done anything? Nope. People still cab bypass it.

They tricked users into upgrading WGA components via Windows Update. (And yet, WGA has NOTHING to do with Windows security in any way, shape, or form)...This is because the original WGA implementation called home all too often!

They're adding new or reworded clauses to their EULA.

They're introducing new "anti-piracy" measures which will cripple the OS if users don't comply with registration.

They still bundle Windows with systems. I didn't ask for it, did you? (And what about those stickers? "Designed for Windows"...I didn't ask for this!)

Their Windows installations still insist on wiping out the Master Boot Record and replacing it with its own boot loader. Completely disregarding the existing.

They sign nice ($$$) deals with Content Providers to enforce the distribution of DRM solution in their Media Player. Did anyone ask for DRM to be a mandatory part of media functioning in Windows? What about the EULA clause about agreeing to letting MS disable some functionality of your system at the request of the Content Providers?

What about ActiveX? They still insist on this despite the security issues it brings. But instead of throwing it away, they slap security features to the affected applications! This isn't solving a problem. This is delaying it because they still want to push it through!

Did any customer ask for all this?
Yeah sure, they listen. NOT.

The truth is, the right Vista is NO Vista. Don't even bother, unless you really have no choice in the matter. Of course, if you're a cracker/hacker, you definitely should! Who else is gonna prove the words "Microsoft" and "security" is an oxymoron? ;)

If you want to make Microsoft listen to your demands, vote with your feet. Go with anything else. Whether its OSX or Linux or whatever, I don't care.

But if you don't, you shouldn't complain when MS tightens its "noose of inconvenience".

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