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Apple 'Why Apple Failed' promised to reveal an accidental discovery that was key to Apple's recovery. Here's it is: the real reason the company was able to turn things around and create new growth for the Mac platform. Why Apple Bounced Back.
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Why Apple bounced back? Is it luck?
by cycloneous on Wed 25th Oct 2006 18:14 UTC
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From my side of the screen, I think Apple's combeback can be from several things, first the mac fans who simply would not let Apple die. Secondly, their switch from OS 9 to OS X.

My first gut instinct was to say, "oh it is because of Microsoft's infusion of 150USD million investment!" But we have to really examine why Apple isn't dead yet. What kept Apple alive was the fact that they are the platform for marketers(magazines, Newspapers, etc.). Surely this helped them stay alive.

Now with the slew of available applications, Apple is in a better position than they were before. Simply put, I don't with OS9 they were not the platform to develop applications for. Now they are! Weird how the market place can turn a dead horse into a newly reborn one.

That being said, Apple won't be the Holy Grail if they keep their prices high and find a cheaper alternative! Lets face it, Apple is pricey! Don't get me wrong, they have their watered down Macintoshes(mac mini), but you have to ask yourself, for how long will that really take you? It is not really extensible as a PC but thats me.

Personally, I don't like Apple and they should have been dead a long time ago, but Jobs did a good job and bringing them from the brink of death. In a way they deserve this remergence. That's me.


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