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GNU, GPL, Open Source "When I wrote about the wrangling over the GNU GPLv3 licence a month back, it provoked a lively conversation in the comments. Given this evident passion among readers, I thought it would be interesting to ask the top hackers - the ones actually involved in the discussions - for their thoughts on the matter. So I contacted Richard Stallman for the FSF angle, and a bunch of the top kernel hackers - Linus, Alan Cox, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Andrew Morton and Dave Miller - for their view."
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RE: Tivoisation
by pepa on Wed 25th Oct 2006 21:12 UTC in reply to "Tivoisation"
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A software license (like the GPL 3.0) is chosen by the copyright holder(s) of the software to reflect the use they allow for their software. I you want the software you write to not be locked down like in the Tivo case, choose GPL3, otherwise, choose another license. As a user of the software, GPL3 licenced software guards my freedoms the most, it guarantees that I can modify the source, compile and RUN it on the hardware I could run the original on.

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