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Databases "No one saw this coming. People talked about Oracle making its own Linux, or buying a Linux company (Ubuntu?). But, the news that Oracle is erasing Red Hat's trademarks from Unbreakable Linux and supporting it for less than Red Hat is a bolt from the blue. Or, perhaps, I should say that Oracle is firing a shot at the heart of Red Hat, and commercial Linux? This really, really ticks me off." Apparently, Oracle announced that they will provide full enterprise support for Linux and so it competes with RH.
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Whartung has it right.

I have a lot of SUN equipment I manage - half of it is serviced through contracts with FUJITSU and the other are through SUN support.

I don't see any difference in this announcment - the author makes it sound like ORACLE is coming out with there own BRANDED LINUX - that has been tried and failed more times than I can count by a multitude of companies, both big and small.

There are three major players in LINUX and you have to play with one of them at some point... RedHat, SuSE or any number of the DEBIAN variations (Ubuntu is by far the best, IMO).

Get over it! Write about something that really matters in technology instead of complaining about a companies strategy to support the underlying OS that supports their products.

Good for Oracle!

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