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Mac OS X Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says that Apple did not need NeXT, the company that provided the foundation for Mac OS X; he argues that System 7 wasn't nearly as bad as it was made out to be. Wozniak also says that Mac OS 9 was more secure than OS X is now: Mac OS X is built in Unix and is therefore more prone to attacks because people are familiar with the holes in Unix, explained Woznaik. "Some of the holes in Unix are well known. So keeping Firewalls on is more important. And we keep announcing, even our own security fixes, not as many as Microsoft but still we never really had those in the OS 9 days."
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Wrong title?
by Governa on Thu 26th Oct 2006 01:32 UTC
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The title of this article is soooo wrong!! Sorry to say but this feels like an OS News flamebait.

Lets break it in 4 small parts:

1- Most of the crashes in OS7 were because of Microsoft's IE even if it wasn't running:

"OS 7 crashes were linked to running Microsoft Internet Explorer, rather than the Apple operating system(...)those who used alternative browsers, such as Netscape, were experiencing no problems(...)IE did not have to be running for the crashes to happen"

2- Woz never says OS9 is more secure than OS X, not once! He only says he has warned Steve Jobs that Apple didn't need the huge amount of money needed to buy NeXT.

"we didnít really need a new operating system for that amount of money involved in the purchase of NeXT"

3- But he does compare both OS9 and OS X, just to say the oposite of the article's title:

"Looking back itís a good thing we have a BETTER MORE STABLE MORE COMPLETE BETTER operating system, from the ground up"

- Better
- More stable
- More complete
- Better operating system

4- The only thing he says is that Unix is more prone to attacks because people are familiar with the holes in Unix. Well duh! But Unix is around for more than 30 years, this is a proven base for any 'internet ready' Operating System. The core of OS X is NOT made of unproven technologies!

5- The rest of the article is just boring stuff about his past experiences, talking about the type of person who seeks to break into an operating system and such.

Apple's project 'Copland' gave us nothing. They were just spending money and resources while Win95 was eating Apple's market share. Gil Amelio and even Ellen Hancock realized the situation was hopeless. So they did the right thing. NeXT was bought, Steve Jobs returned more matured to his 'home' and Apple in right on track.

Again, the only reason I can find for such a bad chosen title is, I'm afraid to said, that this is just a flamebait. Even the original article only says 'Apple didn't need NeXT' - Woz.

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