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Databases "No one saw this coming. People talked about Oracle making its own Linux, or buying a Linux company (Ubuntu?). But, the news that Oracle is erasing Red Hat's trademarks from Unbreakable Linux and supporting it for less than Red Hat is a bolt from the blue. Or, perhaps, I should say that Oracle is firing a shot at the heart of Red Hat, and commercial Linux? This really, really ticks me off." Apparently, Oracle announced that they will provide full enterprise support for Linux and so it competes with RH.
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This is whats its all about
by brewmastre on Thu 26th Oct 2006 16:30 UTC
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Linux is all about sampling, remixing,throwing new cover art on it, and selling it as something new. Its a beautiful thing. One of the best damn distro's out there is Ubuntu, which is really just Debian that has been streamlined, repackaged, and made into something usable.

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