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Internet & Networking "The top two browsing programs of net users got a big update this month as Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla unleashed Firefox 2.0. Here we take a quick spin through some of the features to be seen in the new versions." Meanwhile, a spoofing bug has been found in IE7. Update: Another Firefox 2.0 review.
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by alwayscrashing on Thu 26th Oct 2006 17:09 UTC
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I had a look at IE7 and it seems to have caught up on all the features that a browser in 2006 should have. I can't comment on speed because I was running it in Virtual PC on an iMac G5 but security issues aside they've done a good job bringing the software into this decade.

I do have one huge issue with it though. The new user interface, which I can only describe as shockingly bad, ugly and confusing.

Firefox 2.0 is more evolution than revolution though, and evolution in the right direction. I like Firefox more with every version and am happy to use it even thought it is noticeably slower than Safari.

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