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PC-BSD "With all of the BSD variants available for download, it's easy to incorrectly assume all of them are pure, incompatible forks from each other. Actually, there are more shades of BSD out in the world than just separate forks. One in particular made the news a couple of weeks ago when it was commercially acquired. The BSD in question is PC-BSD. The company that bought it is iXsystems, a systems deployment and integrator firm out of San Jose that has pretty strong experience implementing *BSD, Unix and Linux systems for its customer base. So, why did the company up and buy PC-BSD?"
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Termini technici etc.
by Doc Pain on Thu 26th Oct 2006 19:01 UTC
Doc Pain
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First, I'd like to state thatt the heading of the article is not well formed. BSD cannot get a Linux by principle. Please consider the proper use of the correct termini technici over journalistic buzz words. :-)

Furthermore, let's not get info flame wars BSD ./. Linux, GPL ./. BSDL etc. - it won't be any productive.

I like the PC-BSD approach of a pre-tuned FreeBSD for the average user. This'll make BSD more interesting for the "desktop used at home" as well as in professional contexts. Their PBI package system is quite cool. Admittedly, there are some things I don't like in PC-BSD, but no one forces me to use it. I'll continue using a "real" FreeBSD which I can configure by myself. Newbies who are not firm with CLI and system architecture will find PC-BSD most interesting; I gave it around some people here, most of them had never used a computer before, and they are now very comfortable with PC-BSD.

PC-BSD folks, go on! More than 15,000 ported applications and a solid base system should lead BSD to more success.

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