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PC-BSD "With all of the BSD variants available for download, it's easy to incorrectly assume all of them are pure, incompatible forks from each other. Actually, there are more shades of BSD out in the world than just separate forks. One in particular made the news a couple of weeks ago when it was commercially acquired. The BSD in question is PC-BSD. The company that bought it is iXsystems, a systems deployment and integrator firm out of San Jose that has pretty strong experience implementing *BSD, Unix and Linux systems for its customer base. So, why did the company up and buy PC-BSD?"
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RE: Lets hope so
by hobgoblin on Thu 26th Oct 2006 19:09 UTC in reply to "Lets hope so"
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when one works around a machine buildt on pure logic (no matter how illogical it can appear to behave some times, it still is logical. its just that the observer do not have the full data set.) the part of the brain that deals with emotions gets little stimuli.

i theorize that zealotry is either a way to exercise, or a over-reaction based on lack of practice.

still, given that different people is zealots about different subjects (sports anyone?), the theory is at best incomplete.

if it isnt religion, politics or sports, what else do one have that one can be passionate about?

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