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Features, Office History tends to leave behind mostly two kinds of information - the irrelevant and the biased. Archaeologists are either digging up people's thrown away junk, or reading some emperor's pompous account of his great deeds. The archaeology of the future will involve carefully extracting random 1s and 0s off of media and theorising what it all could mean. In the reckless and fast moving digital world, many stumbling blocks have been created that would drastically inhibit future generations learning about our ancient digital existence.
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Who is maintaining the obsolete?
by MacTO on Thu 26th Oct 2006 19:56 UTC
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I dug up my old Linux CDs the other day. Then, on a whim, I decided to search for even older versions of the distros online. My admittedly shallow search revealed that I had older versions of Debian and Slackware than were available from the distributor's website (0.93R6 and 3.0, respectively). As far as I can tell, the version of RedHat that I have may also be older than what you can find on RedHat's site. (RedHat's site has directories for the older versions, but they appear to be incomplete.)

Oh, and please don't confuse ISA for EISA. The vast majority of non-PCI cards out there are ISA.

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