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PC-BSD "With all of the BSD variants available for download, it's easy to incorrectly assume all of them are pure, incompatible forks from each other. Actually, there are more shades of BSD out in the world than just separate forks. One in particular made the news a couple of weeks ago when it was commercially acquired. The BSD in question is PC-BSD. The company that bought it is iXsystems, a systems deployment and integrator firm out of San Jose that has pretty strong experience implementing *BSD, Unix and Linux systems for its customer base. So, why did the company up and buy PC-BSD?"
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RE[3]: Lets hope so
by twenex on Thu 26th Oct 2006 21:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Lets hope so"
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What you call passion for a product I call obsessive. I believe in free choice and all that, its when the really hard core advocates come out for linux that really turns me off on it. We know linux is out there and what our choices are. Its good at some tasks but sucks at others. But having a linux advocate scream "use linux!" to solve all the world's computing problems is just ridiculous. This is the road I'd rather not see any of the BSD's take.

If the BSD's want to become more popular then they need to get better hardware support. Seriously. They also need to convince people that the capacity for forking is not as extreme as it may seem, OR not as much of a problem as it seems, OR both.

They also need to promote themselves more - but if you think that BSD users don't go around saying "Linux (or Insert Your Favourite OS Here) is crap, people should use BSD", you're dead wrong. There's also plenty "the GPL is thievery" crap.

As for linux users "screaming 'use linux' to solve all the world's computing problems'; dream on. Linux is an operating system, and therefore it can be adapted to any application anyone chooses to put on it. It's also a much more credible choice than others for a variety of purposes.

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