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General Development Do you think the pixel is the only unit of measurement for building graphical displays? Come on, you can measure better than that! This article offers tips for user-friendly HTML layout and interface design, and explains why pixels aren't always the best unit for the job.
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Andre Siegel
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You forget one thing: a whole part of the clients are old (and the number of old people knowing how to surf the web is increasing everyday) and they must increase the fonts of the site to be able to access it.

Not every website is at targetted at older customers. In fact, many older customers inform themselves in local shops, not on the internet. It all depends on where your company is located/product is sold and who you plan to sell to.

Many websites are targetted at a rather specific group of people. A website for highend monitors does not have to be designed so it works for blind people.

Apart from that, if your business is targetting older customers there is nothing stopping you from choosing a big font right from the start. It's not like the website will become unuseable for younger clients just because the font size is higher than 12px.

André Siegel

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